Picking up

180 stitches to be exact.

The search and rescue mission to find my circular needles was successful yesterday morning.  So last night I did this:

Vine Vest 180 stitches

It didn’t take too long to pick up the 74 stitches on the right side and knit the 32 stitches from the neck but picking up the other 74 stitches along the left side took F.O.R.E.V.E.R.  I was trying to match as close as possible what I did on the right side but I would either have too many stitches or not enough.
After an hour and a half picking up, ripping out, and picking up over and over again those final 74 stitches, I got it right.
Then I went to bed.

2 thoughts on “Picking up

  1. I tried to tackle a cabled sweater recently. It got the best of me and I moved on.

    Good for you!!!

    It looks beautiful.


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