Stinky, stinky

Last evening was beautiful.  We had the windows open to let in some spring air.  As I was sitting at my computer checking my email, a smell came wafting through the window.  It was a combination of freshly cut grass (a nice smell) and, um, droppings (not a nice smell).  I don’t know if my neighbor disturbed something as he was cutting his weeds or if a hippopotamus walked by and left a package for us.

The nearest hippopotamus is at least 142 miles from here so I’m guessing that it wasn’t a hippopotamus.

In knitting news: I seamed one side of the Vine Vest.  The other side seam has me in a quandary.  Two reversed stockinette ribbed edges have to be seamed together.  And I need to make the seam invisible.  I was too tired to figure out how to do that so I went to bed.  Maybe I’ll be able to tackle that tonight.

I did try on the sweater and I’m liking it very much.  Pictures later.

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