Sticky Note Queen

I’m a saver.  That’s probably why my house needs decluttered.  I’m not going to be on Hoarders anytime soon but it bothers me.  I’ve posted about it several times.  I’m trying to get in the cleaning/decluttering mood so I do a lot of talking about it first.  Acting on it comes later.

I read many years ago that when you find something in a magazine that interests you, instead of saving the entire magazine, just tear out that article and toss the rest of it.  I tried it once then wished I would have kept the whole thing as my interests changed and I wanted something else from it.  Now when I get a book or magazine, I use sticky notes to mark things I want to remember, things I want to knit, things I want to research.  You get the idea.  My daughter used to call me the Sticky Note Queen.

My knitting magazine collection

Did you see all those purple, yellow and green stickies?

I was going to gather this pile of knitting magazines to put away last night but decided to go though them first to look for a sweater pattern that only takes 525 yards of worsted weight yarn.  Something with a short sleeve.  Yeah, I know, I’m dreaming.

I looked at all the patterns not just the ones I marked.  And some of the ones I marked made me wonder: what I was thinking?  Of course I had only knit one sweater that fit (sorta) when I poured over the magazines the first time.  With a few more knitted garments off the needles (three huge fails and you only know about one) I think I can make better decisions about what will work for me.  I found several things I liked so much more than the ones I marked.  I’m glad I saved all of them.

As for the short-sleeved, worsted weight, cotton blend sweater I want to make using only 525 yards of yarn, I might have to wing it.

3 thoughts on “Sticky Note Queen

  1. It is always most difficult to take the first step….decide to spend at least 20-30 minutes a day to go thru something and re-evaluate. I should take this advice myself!


  2. Interesting. My choices change as I get older. Start decluttering even if you don’t get much done. I try to get rid of something every week – not every day.


  3. I just went through the massive stack of magazines hiding with the dust bunnies under my bed. Turns out, I’m a page folder. If there’s a page I want to return to, I fold the page up so it makes a tab.


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