Empty needles again

Since I finished the Peony Twist Cardi over the weekend (still minus the buttons), I don’t have anything else on my needles.  For some reason I have great ideas and projects I want to start but I just can’t get enthused about any of them at the moment.

Click on the link below for a preview.

Several months ago I bought Around the World in Knitted Socks  by Stephanie Van Der Linden intending to start at the beginning and knit my way through the book.  I love hand knitted sock but only have one pair to call my own.  For some reason I just can’t get the first one on the needles.  In fact I can’t get anything on the needles.

Maybe I need to take a break and concentrate on the decluttering aspect of my house.  I really need to organize my knitting, sewing, printmaking, paper, polymer clay, and painting materials.  Do I have enough hobbies?

Two done, many more to go

I found the box of felt ornaments I wanted to complete for Christmas last year.  I also decided what I was doing for Christmas card this year.  Why do I have Christmas ideas right now?  It’s cold, wet, and dismal outside and it reminds me of winter, not spring.  Plus if I get on with these now, I won’t be in the panic I usually am in December.

I have a “procedure” Friday morning and the prep involves laxatives.  Lots of laxatives.  And lots of sitting.  Then Mr. Aitch and I will be in the car for about 6 hours this weekend.  Maybe I can get motivated to get something on the needles to keep me busy.

Edit:  Happy Birthday, Mom.  I miss you.

5 thoughts on “Empty needles again

  1. I miss your Mother very much. I think of her every day.

    You should get something on your needles so when you need a break and some relaxation from declutterring the house, you will have something to do,

    The pretty design on the socks is in the shoe part and not the ankle where everyone can see.


  2. good luck on your procedure. the laxatives prep – you’ll be glad to get that over with!

    maybe a break from knitting will refresh you especially since you have other great hobbies.

    I meant to tell you too – I think I found The Meanest Mom blog through your blog roll. I’ve been enjoying her. She really makes me laugh.


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