Late post

Well, it’s late for me.

Yesterday as I was sitting and knitting on the Peony Twist cardigan, I mentioned to Mr. Aitch that the only good thing about being sick over the Spring Forward clock-changing weekend is that one is already off schedule so one wouldn’t miss the hour of sleep.

Well, who heard their alarm go off this morning and fell back asleep only to wake up 15 minutes before she had to actually Be. At. Work?




I was 45 minutes late and stayed an extra half hour to make up for it.  The assistant director told me not to worry about it.  We don’t punch a time-clock and he notices when I stay late some days.

Plus he was late today, too.  No judgements, just saying.

2 thoughts on “Late post

  1. Hey, It happens to everyone. I worked at 1 today so it would have been really bad if I was late. Your boss knows you go above and beyond so he better not make a big deal out of it. He has learned to keep his mouth shut….or is this the she?


  2. I didn’t oversleep as I make my own rules. It’s good that you have a good boss. Did you ask your boss what time he arrived – maybe only a few minutes before you.


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