Safe and appreciated

I mailed a package to my friend in Kentucky last Saturday.  She received it safe and sound yesterday so I thought I’d share pictures of what I sent to her.  The soaker is for her 8-month old girl.  Yarn: Cascade 220 (green and brick-red) and Sensations Kashmira (aqua – discontinued).

Curly Purly Soaker front

Curly Purly Soaker back

Originally I was going to make a face on the back side but didn’t have the right colors of yarn to finish it.

I also sent her very own pair of Musica Mitts.  She loves music and commented on the mitts I made for Mr. Aitch so I thought I’d make a pair for her.

Leah's Musica Mitts

Knit Picks Stroll in fingering weight yarn: Midnight Heather (dark navy), Firecracker Heather (red), Pea Pod (green), and Dusk (blue).  Size 2.5 US needles.  Total stitches: 8520

Whoa!  8520 stitches!!

5 thoughts on “Safe and appreciated

  1. I’m going blind with a pair of sz 2 needles for socks. I’ve finished 7 inches of cuff and my knitting group is tonight. I’m learning the “heel.” Wish me luck. I come here, to you, for inspiration. Then I am overwhelmed with your capacity to produce so much. You are a walking, breathing, knitting machine!!! I love it!


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