Crochet success

I managed to do two rows of the single crochet edge on the sleeve edge of the cardi I’m knitting and only had to rip it once.  I was picking up too many stitches.  The fronts and back are blocked and should be dry by the time I get home from work.  I still have to block the sleeves but I can do that while I finish the collar. 

The final steps are to do the seaming, do the crocheted edge at the bottom and sew on the buttons, which I don’t have yet.  Maybe I will make some if I can’t find what I want.

I’m very excited about this sweater.  I just hope it fits and I like it, no, LOVE it!

I hope to have some pictures of it this weekend.

3 thoughts on “Crochet success

  1. I must have done something wrong when I was knitting sweaters as I didn’t block the various pieces of sweater. You’re an amazing knitter. I can’t wait to see the finished project and you are wearing it.


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