Spit join

Well, actually I dipped the yarn in my glass of water but “spit join” sounded more fun.

To clarify: I did my first felted wool yarn join in the middle of a row.  You can check out the process (if you don’t know how to do it) here.

I’m well into the back of my current sweater and tried to reach the end of the row before I ran out of yarn.  Didn’t happen.  So I tried this felted join technique.  Forgive my rambling on about this magical process.  My wool projects are usually small and I either don’t have to change balls of yarn or I change yarn at the end of a row.  Plus I am deathly afraid to use anything besides superwash wool as I might accidentally felt something beyond recognition.

I am loving Knit Picks Wool of the Andes yarn.  It feels good.  It looks good.  And does the magical felted join with ease.

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