I’m a klutz.  I injured my right thumb in a culinary accident on Saturday.

I was inserting picks into a large sandwich ring to help hold all the layers together when I needed to remove one to reposition it.  I had a damp paper towel between my thumb and fingers to wipe off the chicken salad.  The pick had the tiniest sliver sticking out on one edge.  It went straight into my thumb about a half an inch.  I was at my daughter’s house and she wasn’t home.  I tried to pull the sliver of wood out with my left hand and the tip broke off.

When my daughter got home, she tried to pull out the splinter.  My son-in-law tried as well.


 It  is still in my thumb and it hurts.  It hurts to write.  It hurts to sew.  It hurts to knit.

Several years ago when I was working in retail and helping get other stores ready for opening day, I was setting up some shelving and crawling around on newly carpeted floor.  A screw with the pointy end up was under the carpet.  My knee found it and the tip broke off in my knee.  Two words: not fun.

I ended up in an urgent care clinic with a doctor digging around in my knee and finally extracting the screw tip.  My prize was tetanus shot, a hole in my knee and a Band-Aid.

I’m hoping this splinter comes out on its own.

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