A short pictureless post

I usually post in the mornings but I was out of town this weekend and am just now settling in for the evening.

No knitting was done this weekend.  I went to celebrate the twin’s second birthday.  I did take my knitting with me but just didn’t feel like getting it out.

Spending time with the girls, my daughter and son-in-law kept me entertained and two-year-olds are so curious.  I didn’t want them undoing all my work.  Plus I injured myself.

Also no knitting pictures.  The girls were too tired to try on their new hats.  They will be coming to our house for Christmas so I might get some pictures of them.

My sister received the Ms Ida mittens.  I hope she remembers to send me a picture of her wearing the mittens.

3 thoughts on “A short pictureless post

  1. I will remember to send you the picture of the Ms Ida mittens….I am wearing them tomorrow for the first time…at last….warm hands. The yarn is so soft! I found a chair back massager at Linens and More for less…$19.99….it has heat and you can just use the heat and not the massager…..it has an adapter for the auto….now I will have a heated seat! The day may be cold but I will be warm! Glad you made it home OK….


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