I did it!  I finished the slippers in record time.  And sewed on the soles. And made pom poms.

Seamless slippers in autumn

Seamless slippers in autumn with soles

Seamless slippers in autumn side

I used dark green heather Lionbrand Wooleze and some variegated acrylic yarn from a sweater that didn’t fit right.  I love the muted colors.  I hope my friend does, too.

You can also see the “tree” fabric on my chairs.  The flash washed out the intensity a bit on the seat.

1 thought on “Score!

  1. Congratulations! They look great. Thanks for pointing out the
    tree fabric on your chairs. I had forgotten what the chairs looked like.

    I love your colors. The ones I make are so ordinary. Yours are a far cry from the purple ones you got for Christmas one year.


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