I should have stayed in bed…

I woke up to the sound of the alarm at 5:30 this morning only to fall back to sleep for 20 more minutes.  These summer hours of working an extra hour in the morning and an extra hour at the end of the day are great so I can have an extra day off during the week but getting up earlier is not so great.  I’ve cut down my getting-ready time to the right amount of time without a minute to spare.  This morning I was only two minutes late walking in the door.  No one was here but the cleaners so it really didn’t matter.

My right arm was asleep with I got up and three hours later it’s still tingling.  Not good.

I only got two inches knitted last night on the back of the Lace Hem Topping shell.  I don’t know if I can knit during lunch with this tingling hand.  I this something I need to get checked out since I was diagnosed with this?

My printer at work isn’t working.  We have network printers I can use but this one is right next to my computer and the only one I can use when I need to print labels and envelopes.

It dawned on me that 40% of my paycheck is gone before it even gets to my bank.  And I’m not happy with what the powers that be are doing with that 40%.  Let’s not even go there right now.  This is not a political blog.

I should have stayed in bed…and knit.

Your thoughts? I read them all.

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