The earthquake I didn’t feel

ATK Blast!

This facility is only seven miles and two mountains from my house but I didn’t hear or feel a thing. 

Only two people were injured and were released from the hospital Monday evening.

I drove my car to work this morning.  The fog was so thick at my house that I could barely see  the house across the street.  By the time I got across the Potomac River I could see the fog was lifting.  Another three miles and there were blue skies and sunshine.  Should have ridden the motorcycle. 

But I did bring my knitting!  I fixed the eyelet and yarn over mishap last night and am ready to knit forward hoping to make major progress on this sweater today during lunch.  This meal consists of  protein bar and some delicious Chobani yogurt.  I heart Chobani yogurt.  Since I can scarf down this fantastic nourishment in about five minutes, I will have 55 minutes to knit!

Your thoughts? I read them all.

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