B is for bottle

A wine bottle to be more specific.

Mr. Aitch and I drik wine…occasionally.  Most of our wine bottles are the typical green, brownish green, dark green, or very dark green.


The little bottle on the far right contains a special olive oil now.


We emptied these this morning. 

Just kidding.

A few years ago I saw a large wreath in one of our local restaurants with 2-3 beautiful red wine bottle, grape leaves and various hanging grapes on it.  I decided to make my own.

We bought the same wine and saved the empty bottle for my project.  I suppose I could have asked the restaurant to save some empties for me but what fun is that?


My wreath isn’t nearly as large as the one in the restaurant and only one wine bottle fit on it.

But I like it. 

And so did one of the teenage trick-or-treaters we had the other night.  (I whispered to her that the bottle was empty.)

Any suggestions on what to do with all our empty wine bottles?  Please leave suggestions in the comments!