I can’t decide

I can’t decide if it’s an age thing, excitement, or that I’m just tired but I can’t remember to take before and/or after pictures.

I purchased the cutest patterns from Little Cotton Rabbits  and actually made one of the boy rabbits.  I gave it to our one-year old grandson. He loved it as much as a one-year old can.  I only finished the shorts for the rabbit but though it didn’t matter if the rabbit was fully clothed or not.  The Shirt is currently on the needles right now.  Do I have a picture of the finished rabbit?  No.  I will see if my daughter will take a photo and send it to me.

The twins loved the boy rabbit and one wanted a girl rabbit and the other one wanted a girl fox.  Both were specific with the colors they wanted so once I get them made, I hope I will remember to take pictures for show and tell.

I’m still without a computer and am using Mr. Aitch’s computer right now.   Sorry about that.