Stability – Opinion Poll


This is the only best picture I have that shows the buttons and the front button band on my Peony Twist Cardi.  (Mr. Aitch cut off part of my left arm but trust me, it’s all there.  And I straightened my hair this morning though you’d never know it!)

I was a bit self-conscious when I wore the sweater as I kept checking to see if it was gaping open and everyone could see my lovely bra.  It wasn’t but I was still concerned about it.

So far I see three options:

  1. Sew a piece on grosgrain ribbon under the side where the buttons are sewn.
  2. Sew a piece of grosgrain ribbon under both sides, the buttons side AND the buttonhole side.
  3. Do none of the above and wear it as it is.

Option #1 would straighten and stabilize the button side so it doesn’t gape open.  The scallopy-wavy buttonhole side would mimic the wave pattern on the body of the sweater.

Option #2 would straighten and stabilize both sides.  The scallopy-waviness would be gone. 

Option #3 makes me feel uncomfortable.

What’s your opinion?