Always drink milk

During the summer, we work four 10-hour days and have off either Mondays or Fridays.  I chose Mondays.

On this particular Monday Mr. Aitch and I tackled the basement stairs and the area to the right of the stairs.  There was a shelving unit with stuff on it from when we moved in 19 years ago.  Still in the moving boxes.

I know that some people would say to not open the boxes and just toss it.  If anything inside the boxes was important, it would have been retrieved long ago.

I would have tossed this:


My sister had a blue one.  I remember drinking hot cocoa from this cup.  And eating toasted homemade bread with peanut butter and homemade grape jelly.

The rest of the stuff was assorted glassware that I will probably donate to Goodwill.  I just don’t have the energy to have a yard sale.

I would love to see and display the things that I love and that are important to me.  I just have to find the right piece of furniture to do that.

Cleaning doesn’t bother me.  It’s dealing with all of the stuff that I hate.  And deciding what to do with all the stuff makes me physically sick.