Warning: Here’s your sign

There is a sign posted on my office door today:


Helmet Hair

I rode my motorcycle to work today and have a bad case of helmet hair.

I’d take a picture for you but I left my phone at home.  Rats.

A co-worker was already at the office when I came in wearing my jacket, chaps and boots while carrying my helmet and shoes.  He asked, “Bring the bike today?”

I replied, “Yes” but inside my head I wanted to say, “No, I just wanted to look like I did.”

Here’s your sign.

It wasn’t my hair

Almost every Sunday morning I go to church and then to the market.  It’s a regular routine I’ve had for at least 20 years.  It started when my kids went to CCD after Mass and I had an hour and fifteen minutes to kill before I had to pick them up.  It worked out fine as I would be able to shop on the first day of the sales and have fresh food to pack lunches for the week.

The kids are grown and live elsewhere but I still go to the market Sunday mornings.  I typically see some of the same people there every week.  Evidently it’s their routine as well.

Usually I see one of the office people from my doctor’s office there with her husband.  Sometimes we just say ‘Hi” and other times we talk for a few minutes.

The last time I saw Sherry she remarked that she really liked my hair and asked who cut/highlighted it.  She went on and on about the color and style.  I hadn’t done anything different to it for a several weeks but she was sure I changed something.

Want to know what I did?

I got new glasses.

My old glasses just disappeared on my face.  Silhouette Titan Dynamics.


My new glasses don’t.  Fysh Urban Eyewear #3458 brown and lime.


I love them.  Maybe I’ll let you see them on my face sometime.