Mr. Aitch and I cleared most of the leaves out from the front flower beds on Saturday. 

If you look closely, you can see the silvery icicle garland strung across the railings to keep the birds from roosting and pooping there.

After looking at the pictures, it doesn’t seem like we did such a great job getting all those leaves out!

Those round “grates” above should keep my Balloon flowers from falling over.  I have a third plant farther back that hasn’t started to emerge yet so I’ll need to buy another one of those supports.  I should have taken some “before” pictures but when I thought about it, it was too late to get my camera.

I need to put some layers of newspaper down on the bare ground to keep the weeds from getting a stronghold before the tomato plants go in.  Yes, we plant vegetables in our front flower beds.  It gets the best sun plus that area has the best soil since it’s a raised bed.  Our property is mostly shale.  We had to truck in topsoil just to get the grass to grow. 

Oops!  We forgot to do this side of the house.  Maybe we’ll tackle that project today.

Yay! My lilac is starting to bloom!


Spring has sprung

We went from snow flurries last week to 80+ degree temperatures today.


My car has the salty remains of the slick, snow-covered roads and a windshield covered with kamikaze bugs that couldn’t wait for warmer weather.

Some of my early bloomers burst out from under the leaves still covering my flower beds.


I love daffodils.  The lilies-of-the-valley shouldn’t be too far behind…



I decided to weed the front flower beds as soon as I got up this morning.  We were supposed to get some rain overnight but we didn’t.  There was enough dew on the plants and ground to make the job easier.

Left side

Can you see the poppy?

I don’t know what those pink flowers are but they love the heat from the brick sidewalk and are pretty drought resistant.

Right side

Looks like the stacked stone needs some help.

After an hour, this is what it looks like.  Granted it’s not perfect but it’s so much better.  It was getting too hot to do much more.

Left side after

There's the poppy on the right

Right side after

For some reason the left side always needs more weeding than the right side.  The Candy Tuft has taken over more there.  I also love my balloon flowers thought they are just now beginning to bloom.  Maybe more will be out later in the week.