Birthday Wishes

A couple of months ago I sent special Birthday Wishes to someone I know.  Her birthday wass close to the beginning of the month so I found 15 small gifts plus a birthday card for her to open beginning 16 days before her birthday.  Each gift was wrapped and labeled with the date to open.

Sorry that I don’t have a photo of all the wrapped gifts.

She is a knitter and needed some stitch markers so I decided to make a few for her.

Some were beads on a flexible wire that would fit over an US 15 needle.

And some were large jump rings with a bead glued over the seam.

All slid easily onto a large open ring to keep in her knitting bag.

Most of the items before wrapping:

Here’s the list of the items pictured above: small aluminum baking pans and pumpkin bread mix, Turbie Twist®, cake mix and Jello pudding, a set of spatulas, tissue packet, eyeglass holder, office supplies, planner sticky notes and flags, stitch markers, surfboard-shaped emery boards, Au Jus mix, sunflower potholders, coffee cup sticky notes, a small lidded organizer, and a sign for her office…

She loved each one.

Special Delivery

This was on my front porch the other day.


It was from a very good friend of mine and I had no idea what it could be.


Inside was a note and lots of brown paper lunch bags with numbers written on them.


I send these types of things to my grandkids for Advent and a couple of years ago I sent some to her kids.  We call them Christmas Wishes. And even though I see Christmas stuff in the stores, it’s way too early for Christmas.


These must be…

…Birthday Wishes!


For me!!

My birthday is the 27th and here is a box of birthday wishes/treats.  One for each day.  That’s twenty-seven little reminders that someone is thinking of me.


My favorite flavor!

I have no idea how she found the time to do this.  She has five children: six-year-old twin girls, a four-year-old girl, and two-year-old twin boys.  That’s a lot of busy!


I LOVE pigs!!

And yet she took the time and got this wonderful box of goodies to celebrate me.


Thank you from the bottom of my heart!