New header with pipes

We have the day off today so I thought I’d do some sprucing up around the house and the blog.  I was tired of looking at those fingerless mitts in my header so I changed it for the current project.  It will be felted so those wonky stitches will disappear.

I’m also knitting a swatch to see how it will felt since this is stockinette stitch using two colors.  I like it so far and hope it will felt up nicely.

My son and family will be here for Easter and I need to get the dust bunnies under control.  Before that happens though, the bagpipes need to be shipped to my cousin.


Yes.  They were originally my uncle’s pipes, my cousin’s father.  I acquired them after my uncle got married.  I took lessons when I was 15-16 years old and played them in a Scottish drill team as well as in our high school production of Brigadoon.  I was not as dedicated as I should have been so I didn’t practice often.  Like right before my lesson kind of practice.  As with any instrument practice makes perfect.

In 2002 the bag was replaced as the original one had many, many pinholes in it and was not able to be played.  The reeds were also replaced.  I fully intended to pick them back up and relearn to play them again.  My goal was to play Amazing Grace perfectly.  That didn’t happen and it only took me 10 years to realize it was never going to happen.  I still hate to practice.  Plus Mr. Aitch is not a fan of bagpipes.

So my cousin has graciously decided to take them off my hands.  I hope she and her family learn to play and love them.

Now where are those dust bunny traps?