It’s all good

Four hours and forty-minutes later…

I’m back in business. No more tangles!

The three-hour trip back home from my sister’s took five hours. A traffic jam caused by an accident plus the GPS taking me on the scenic route made the trip way too long for me.
I’m heading back to help out again on Tuesday.

  • Notes to self
    • Take ZIPPERED project bag and use it.
      • Do not take dark-colored clothing…dog hair.
    • Look at the GPS route before leaving.
    • Have some meals/menus planned.

6 thoughts on “It’s all good

  1. I call my GPS “Stephanie” and “Shut the fuck up, Stephanie” is frequently heard in my car. She gets me so lost sometimes that I swear I can hear the laughter. I dearly love it when she tells me to make a U-turn and I just say, “no, not today Satan!”

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