More bags

These little bags make a great gift idea that only takes about an hour or two to complete.  Of course, when making 28, it takes a bit longer.

The small “what-not” bags I sewed together for our church’s fundraiser are finished.  Some are made with vintage fabrics from the 1950s, 60s, and 70s and some are from this century.Small notions bagsEach one is different in some way.  Some have different zipper colors or different lining fabrics, or both.

Small notions bags

Now to pack them up and get them to the church for the Christmas Tea this Saturday.

8 thoughts on “More bags

  1. Very nice and alot of work! I know everyone that gets one! I got my burp cloths done and delivered….and my giving tree children all packed up and to the holding area for Santa to take. Makes my heart warm. Good job Patti!

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