To-Do list revisited

As I said in my earlier post, the to-do list changed as the day went on.003-List-3

Before I starting on the “real” work, I had to make a phone call and take bread dough out of the freezer.

Then I tackled the list.

Flower pots – clean and put away.



Tomato cages and hardware cloth/mesh – gone but not forgotten.




I want to staple/nail the hardware cloth to the lattice around the base of the deck and a few inches underground then paint it black.  Small furry creatures like chipmunks and rabbits live under the deck and I want them to move.


Heartless?  Maybe.  But those little furry things ate through the wiring for our deck lights and repairing that was a bit costly.


And it might keep snakes out of there, too.


After Mr. Aitch weed whacked, I raked up all the debris and clippings.



Waffle mix.  Done.


I also moved a planter box that was between our cars in the garage to another place along the side wall. 023-Planter

And picked some grape tomatoes to share with our neighbor, Peggy.


It might be cheating but I add things to my to-do list after I do them just so I can cross them off.  It gives me a sense of accomplishment and proof that I did something.  Do you do that, too?

Painting the wall above the shower and sewing the box bag didn’t make the cut.  tomorrow-ia-another-day


5 thoughts on “To-Do list revisited

  1. wow – you got a whole lot done! Yard looks good. Shower wall isn’t going anyplace. 🙂 And yes, I put things on the list because I know they are easy targets, it feels good to have some things crossed off. 😉

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