DPN substitution

I have some last-minute knitting (as usual) to do before Christmas.  This morning before I left for work, I grabbed a bag of yarn and double point knitting needles to knit a small bunny.

Only the knitting needles that were in the bag of yarn (US 5) were not the size needed (US 1).

So I had to substitute with what I had.

Mini-bunnyCable needles.  And they were the correct size albeit shorter than I like.  Only four inches in length.  Fortunately it’s a small knit and I’m managing.


2 thoughts on “DPN substitution

  1. I think anyone who knits is the following:

    An engineer, an inventor, a reincarnation of GoGoGadget, an opportunist, a perennial optimist, a fearless warrior, a highly creative, sweet-natured woman, who is very generous, even-tempered, wicked smart and above all, an amazing time manager.

    You Patti, are all of these… ON A BIKE! How do you do it? Happy Holidays. Patsye


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