Do you know what day it is?

It’s Friday.  Not Saturday.

Yeah.  Well, I took today and Monday off for a nice project packed four-day weekend of finishing sewing project (gifts), wrapping said gifts, baking cookies, attending Mr. Aitch’s Christmas Cantata, and the mundane housework I have put off.

I knew that today would be Friday when I went to bed last night.

But totally forgot that today was Friday when I woke up.

I received these texts this morning from my assistant director.  His texts are on the left and mine are on the right (in green).  Please excuse the typos.

Brain-farts-001Now at this point I’m still thinking that it is Saturday and this box of pears from Harry & David was delivered to his house.  I figured he and his wife, Courtney, sent some Harry & David gifts and this was their gift-with-purchase.


Then it finally dawns on me that today is Friday.  I ordered gifts for our executive board members so the box of pears was sent to OUR office (TCC) from Harry & David.


Merry Christmas…in case I forget what day it is again.



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