Pieces of eight

Knitting.  Not gold.

Though part of it is gold.

The twins each wanted a knitted animal like the one I made for their little brother last April.  The bunny is still shirtless.


I got sidetracked with getting the house ready for our anniversary party and other projects had to be done first.  Like the new cushion covers for the new front porch furniture.


And replacing some screens.


I had all my knitting projects put away so “outta sight, outta mind” happened.

Over the weekend I decided I should get started knitting again.  The first bunny still needs a sweater but I got the other pieces knitted for a bunny and a fox.  I am using the Little Cotton Rabbits pattern for the bunny and the fox.  So cute!!  A bit fiddly but the cuteness factor outweighs it!

What do you think?  Pieces of eight: one head, one body, two ears, two arms, and two legs.  And a tail.  Ok, so pieces of nine.


White bunny with pink and white striped tights and pink shoes.


A golden fox with white socks and pink shoes.


Yeah, I think I have a tiny bit more work to do before they are ready to be gifted.


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