Olympic knitting

I have five things I wanted to blog about but I’ll save the other four for another time.

As most of you know the Olympics  started today even though the “official” parade of countries isn’t until tomorrow night.   Many knitters (and probably crocheters) have a project or two lined up for knitting during the Olympics.

Olympic Knitting!

olympic logo

I haven’t decided on one project yet.   Have you?

My project(s) would have to be simple enough to knit while watching the events on TV.  The Seamless Slipper pattern is one I can knit in my sleep so I could knit another pair of those.

Seamless slippers in autumn side November 2010

Or some fingerless mitts.


Or a pair of socks.

First socks 2003

First socks 2003

Since Mr. Aitch and I don’t watch much TV, I don’t even know which network is broadcasting it.

Looks like I have some homework to do.

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