Sewing machine question

I may be in the market for a new sewing machine.

I plan to do some quilting as well as home decor and some clothing.  The machine I have now is designed for occasional and light sewing though I’ve done some extensive sewing projects in the past several years.  It’s just not keeping up with the demands I’m placing on it.  Mostly because it’s not designed to.

I want to machine quilt twin-sized (or larger) quilts, which are a bit larger than the 15 x 24 inch items I’ve been doing.

For all you quilters (or non-quilters) out there: What sewing machine do you use or would recommend for machine quilting?  Pros and cons?

4 thoughts on “Sewing machine question

  1. If you plan to do a bunch of quilting, you will want something with a long arm to accommodate the large bulk of the quilt as you work on the middle.

    I’m not a quilter, but I’ve done a lot of professional sewing on many types and brands of machines. I always like the vintage domestic machines the best or a nicely kept industrial. I can’t stand computerized machines – they just can’t take the abuse that an all-metal machine can.

    When I had to recently replace my modern mostly-plastic workhorse machine, I went with a vintage machine AND a brand-new non-computerized Baby Lock. If you have room for an industrial machine, they have longer arms than domestics and would be easier to fit a rolled-up quilt under.

    Hope this helps! =)


    • Thanks for your comment.

      I must be vintage as my first sewing machine was a new Singer Touch ‘n Sew from the early 1970’s. I loved that sewing machine. It came with decorative stitch “cams”. The sewing machine is long gone but I found the box of cams in with some sewing stuff. I wonder if those are worth anything now?

      I love your story about Gandalf the Green!

      I need to do more research…


  2. I could not wrestle with the fabric to do machine quilting unless it is a small quilt . very small . i hope you have more determination than i do. good luck . they do make machines that are deep for quilting….go to a large joanns … ready to put out some money …….if you sew even a little but make larger items ….it’s worth it..


  3. Not vintage, but my Bernina is heaven to sew with. I got the “quilters edition” which came with a walking foot and a free form quilting foot. I have had it for ten years and it has never given me a problem of any kind. I love it and recommend it to everyone. 🙂

    My daughter (8years old) has a 1930’s singer that would be awful for quilting because of the low, tight sewing area.


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