In between

Now that the Christmas rush is over and the gifts are finished, I find myself between projects.

I finally made a pair of fingerless mitts for me using Shirl’s Mittlets pattern and Cascade 220 Paints in Cherry Berry.


The colors match my winter coat and felted purse.

The only thing left in my UFO (unfinished objects) pile is a scarf that I’ve been working on for over a year.


I’m really not in a big hurry to finish it at all.

I have the yarn to make another one of these hats.


I love this hat and it is the warmest hat I’ve ever had.  It even keeps my ears warm and that’s a big plus for me.  And even though the colors are perfect, the hat does not “go” with my everyday winter coat.  The colors do coordinate with my “dress” coat.  The yarn I have is red and grey.  Do you detect a theme here???

There are some sewing projects I would like to tackle, some organizing and reorganizing projects, some decorating projects, some painting projects, and some knitting projects.

Our daughter is expecting next month so the twins will be getting a baby brother.  I’ve helped our daughter get the nursery ready over several weekends in November.  But I don’t have any baby knitting done.  That might be the next project.

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