Button, button

Ok, so a couple of months ago my daughter found a great deal on some buttons: $.97 a card.  She said they would make great buttons for sweaters for the twins.  I agreed.

The I asked her if she wanted me to knit sweaters for the twins.  Her reply was “maybe”.  I told her that if she wanted me to knit sweaters, she would have to say she did.  “Maybe” didn’t work for me. 

Maybe turned into yes.

And in washable wool.

The pattern is the Sawtelle sweater from Berroco yarns:

Fortunately my LYS was having a sale on some washable wool: Louet Gems.  I took the buttons to the store and decided on two colors that would work with the buttons and keep my interest.  The colors of yarn available were limited and I did not want to use the pink they had so the neutrals won out.

Granted it’s not the yarn they used but I’ve seldom used the same yarn listed for the pattern I choose.  Pewter and Grey Linen.  Though both colors sound like a grey color, both are clearly brownish tones.  They go well with the buttons.

So far this pattern is wonderful.  The only seams are at the shoulders.  I do believe there is an adult version available.

I’m working on the collar.  After that, I just need to sew on the buttons, weave in the ends and block it.  Then start on sweater #2.

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