I felt…

…normal.  Until I looked in the mirror.

I haven’t worn any makeup nor done anything with my hair (except wash it) for several days.


I have shingles.  On my face.  And in my scalp.

Fortunately I don’t have any pain other than the occasional tingling and burning sensation on my cheek, forehead and scalp.  Perhaps I got to the doctor soon enough and started the antiviral medication in time to prevent any complications.

The doctor said I could go to work as long as I didn’t shake hands or touch other people.  OK, that’s easy.

I need to keep the area around the blisters clean so no makeup.   Don’t like it but it saves me 10 minutes in the morning.

Heat from the hairdryer and curling iron aggravates the situation so no hair styling.  With naturally curly hair any kind of style is a crap shoot every day plus it saves another 10 minutes.

I can live with the blistered, blotchy, and possible scabby face with no makeup and frizzy hair.  Thank you God for no pain.

6 thoughts on “I felt…

  1. I never heard of getting shingles in the scalp. It’s good that you have no pain. I don’t remember how long the shingles stay = hopefully not too long.


  2. I’m sorry that you have shingles. 😦 I’m happy that you don’t have the extreme pain that I’ve heard can go with them, but they are still no walk in the park. I hope you have relief soon! (Maybe even some by now since I am a week late reading your blog!?!)


  3. Wow Patti. I’m so sorry that you are going through this. I hope, by now, it’s resolved and you’re back to normal. I have thought about getting the vaccine, but there can be complications with it so I’m still on the fence. Have you now gotten it? Does it even help for evading a recurrence once you’ve had shingles? I wonder. Patsye


    • I’m getting back to normal. I ended up going back to the doctor and I’m on a steroid for the next week. I did have pain behind my left ear. It was weird since I didn’t have any blisters or rash there. I just assumed that any pain would be where the surface of the skin was affected. Not so.

      I can’t get the vaccine for two years so it must have some effect even after having shingles.


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