Box bags all in a row

My friend is taking her 8th graders to Charleston, South Carolina this coming week and I’m meeting them there.  I’ve never been to Charleston before and am really looking forward to going.

I made box bags for all the students.  The tutorials I used can be found here and here.  Remember my quandary about the fabric?

The final count: 4 in the bicycle fabric, 12 in the granite fabric.

The bicycle ones have all different colors for the lining.  The granite ones have 4 different colors between the 12.

If I ever decide to make 5, 16, or 45 of the same thing again (and I really hope I don’t), remind me the make them ALL. THE. SAME!  This changing colors of thread for each lining color was a pain, or as I like to call it, a PITA.  You can figure out the “A”.

I do like them though.

You’ll be able to see what they’ll be filled with tomorrow.

5 thoughts on “Box bags all in a row

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