Thursday update

Well, I finished all the knitting and weaving in the ends on my CCM Hat.  Sorry no picture as I finished it last evening and the lighting was not good.  I will take before felting and after felting pictures so you can experience the transformation with me.

I had just enough yarn for the hat with less than two yarns left from each skein.  I worked on it feverishly Tuesday evening only to discover I was going to run out of yarn before completing the hat.  So I ripped it back to the row before I started the decreases and ended up with enough yarn.

Then I’ll need to decide what I want to embroider on it and find some suitable color/yarn. I think I want an all-around design.

Second update: I thought I only had a few more squares to knit on my sister’s Garter Stitch bag and I knit four squares while taking a break from knitting the hat.  I still have a few more squares to knit.  I miscounted.  A lot.  Then the i-cord edging.  I’m not sure if I will use the leather handles I bought for my bag but were too large or if I will knit the strap like I did for mine.  The bag will be larger than my bag so the leather straps might work out OK for this one.

I’ll be lining this bag with the same lime green I used for mine.  If you’ve made one of these bags and tried to line it, you will know it’s a PITA.  A Royal PITA.

Third update:  Last but not least I am gearing up (mentally) to start my own iPad cover.  This one just doesn’t work.  It’s my first attempt at Mr. Aitch’s tablet cover.

I have a few ideas and they are all very different from each other.  Some are subtle, some are bold, some are just not going to happen.

1 thought on “Thursday update

  1. Every time I read one of your posts I am taken with the sheer tenacity of your personality. Back and forth and back and forth with these projects, and you always finish and they always look good. I just don’t know how you stay so focused and I wish I was more like you. Really. And especially with knitting, which can drive me right up a pole. Patsye


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