Not much knitting update

I’ve been knitting a little bit on the Garter Stitch bag I’m making for my sister.  15 of the 22 squares are finished.  I’ve been doing more sewing lately than anything else.  Well, except for going to work and sleeping.

This is my sample project.  I followed the instructions (links at the end of this post) to make the box bag.  This is the perfect size to throw in a ball of sock yarn, double-point or circular needles and a sock pattern to take where ever.  Or to use as a toiletry bag, lunch bag, shoe bag (adjust the size), for small toys, game pieces, the possibilities are endless.

I bought this bicycle fabric to make these box bags for a group of 7th graders: 4 girls and 12 boys.  I thought the print was generic enough for both boys and girls.  The bags will be filled with snacks but they can use it for whatever they want.

My daughter and several others disagreed with me.  They thought it was to “girly” for a boy with the pink and lavender bikes. 

So I bought another fabric that reminds me of granite hoping it would be more “manly.”

I was going to give the girls the bicycle fabric bags and the boys the granite bags.  What do you think?

I used several tutorials.  Tutorials: Dragoknit for the basic pattern and  RoadyJane for the no-raw-edges tutorial.

I also used fusible fleece fused to the outer fabric and lined it with a solid cotton.  In orange.  Plus there are no raw edges.  I started with a 12 x 16 inch rectangle.  Fusible fleece is 11.5 x 15.5 inches.  The strap is 6 x 10 inches.  I reduced the “corners” from 1.5 inches to 1.25 inches.  If you look at the instructions, you will understand what I’m talking about.  I did that to make the bag longer and not as high.  My sample is how the pattern is written and I wanted a squatier bag.

My final dimensions are 7.5 long, 4.5 wide and 3.5 tall.

I bought my zippers in bulk at a wonderful place in New York City.  Check it out if you need a lot of zippers: ZipperStop Products *  Great prices, great service and they’re made in America!!!

* I do not work for nor receive any compensation from ZipperStop Products.

8 thoughts on “Not much knitting update

  1. I think the bags are adorable. Not sure I agree about the bikes print, though. I think that could go either way. 7th grade is about 13 or so right? 12 and 13? That’s pretty much when they want to stop taking “bag lunches” to school. Might want to give them some other ideas they could use it for when you give it to them… like holding dvds, cds, cell phones, etc. 😉
    Great bags, though. Nice job on them!


  2. I love your bags! I have something similar to that that I bought at a sheep and wool festival. I’m using it for sock projects because, as you say, it’s the perfect size for my yarn, the pattern and my long circular needle.


  3. These are beautiful! Knitting, sewing! You do it all.

    I wonder if Wifemomknitter was speaking of the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. I plan to attend this year, since I’ve missed the last 7 years in a row. I can’t wait. Have you ever gone? You’d love it.

    I got knocked out by a cold, a bit of psoriasis on my hand(s) which is resolving, and lots of news about company, weddings, vacations. There’s so much on my plate right now. And I’m happy about that.

    Patti, you are so multi-talented. I think I’m leaning toward one craft now. I can’t knit worth a damn, and my painting…well, let’s just say I have so many of my paintings around this house and stuffed in every corner. I enjoy the “unusual” crafts (like cuffs and pin cushions), but I’m really settling into this punch needle and hooking needlework. Have you tried this? I guess once I fill the house with rugs I’ll have to find something else. Car mechanics would be good. My driver’s side window won’t go down….


    • I just love your comments. Thanks for the positive thoughts. Unfortunately I don’t “do it all” and what I do, isn’t always the best. I try. Being a perfectionist is not fun. Nor easy. Nor possible!!

      No, I have never gone to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival though I’ve wanted to go. Sometimes I don’t like to go to those things by myself.

      I think Wifemomknitter was speaking of the festival in Rhinebeck, NY.

      Sewing is my first love. My grandmother taught me to both knit and sew but sewing was something I latched onto right away. She actually taught me to knit first but I didn’t get into it as much. Children want instant gratification and knitting doesn’t provide that. Having Home Ec in school helped keep the sewing bug alive. My grandmother made almost all of our clothes. In fact I didn’t have a store bought dress until I was in 9th grade. Imagine my surprise when I tried on my first dress and wondered why it didn’t fit right. Up till then all my clothing was custom made.

      Car mechanics. Great idea!


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