Non-knitting crisis diverted

My apologies to those who know this story.  I thought it was funny and wanted to share it with the rest of you.

I don’t talk about my job much however it allows me to buy yarn without guilt.  I don’t know about your workplace but at mine we have busy days and not so busy days.  Today was going to be one those not so busy days and truthfully, I’d rather have a busy day than a trying-to-look-busy day.

I am an administrative assistant, an office manager, the glue that holes it all together, or whatever you want to call me.  I have a degree in art education so this “office” stuff was new to me when I returned to work after vacating the public education field and became a stay-at-home-mom for seven years.

I have no background in office machines or equipment.  I don’t know if those who attend secretarial school/classes learn such things or if there is even a secretarial course one pursues in this day and age.  (I’m not that ancient am I?)  But I have become an expert in office machinery.  Or at least everyone in my office thinks that I am.

Today I had to save the massive paper shredder.  Remember this machine that ate my granddaughter’s dress?

This thing is the size of a washing machine!

A co-worker came to me this morning and said, ” ‘Somebody’ left paper clips on top of the shredder and they fell onto the blades.”

Because I can read minds, I determined that she wanted me to rectify the situation particularly when she told me I would probably need something like a letter opener to retrieve said paper clips.

I made sure the paper shredder was not only turned off but unplugged as well.  The letter opener was a good idea in principle but not the right tool for the job.  So I bent another paper clip into a hook and fished them all out.  There were about 10-12 saved from certain death.  All the offending paper clips went into a paper cup so they couldn’t escape again.

Crisis diverted.

What kind of super-human powers do you have?

2 thoughts on “Non-knitting crisis diverted

  1. That was an excellent idea. You can tell you were a teacher, right? Some people are good at finding solutions, others are not. I think you’d be a good person to work for. Let me know when there is an opening. Patsye


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