Did you feel that?

I experienced my first earthquake yesterday afternoon.

When the rumble started, I was in the optometrist’s waiting room.  No one else seemed to be aware of the rumbling underneath my feet and I thought there was something wrong with me.  Then it got worse for what seemed like minutes though I’m sure was just a few seconds.  The building started to move and the floor shook.

It wasn’t just me who felt it that time.

My first thought was is was the result of an explosion.  They happen around here occasionally.

My second thought was an earthquake.  They don’t happen around here.

Well, evidently they do happen around here.  Or 160 miles away.

I definitely felt it.

Mr. Aitch didn’t notice a thing.  He was outside trimming the bushes.

P.S. For those of you keeping score:    The Aitchs: 1     Uninvited Guests: 0

2 thoughts on “Did you feel that?

  1. I had a terrible time getting your site on he earthquake. A notice can up that said, “This is somewhat embarrassing, isn’t it. It seems we can’t find what you are looking for. Perhaps searchig, or one of the links below can help.”

    I found it on one of the links which listed all your blogs.

    I remember being over at Rita’s on 2/1/86 and our chairs moved. The news didn’t mention that one – only the one in 1944 which I don’t remember.


  2. I like excitement but not that exciting. My sister, who lives right outside of D.C. said she has a crack in her dining room ceiling, and she, like everyone else in her neighborhood, ran outside. It’s took her to midnight to calm down. Glad I missed it.


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