Uninvited guests

While Mr. Aitch and I were away, some uninvited guests came to our house.  They’re still here.


Their droppings were on the floor and counter top and how-in-the-world-did-they-get-on-my-table?

Eeewww!  Gross!!

So I made a quick trip to the store this morning and bought these:

Mr. Aitch and I have an agreement.  I buy the traps.  He does the rest.

Ok, maybe eight traps is too many.  Um…..  No.

So I’ve been cleaning.  Deep down, disinfecting cleaning.  And I suspect I’ll be doing more cleaning until the signs of the uninvited guests no longer appear.

And their furry, little carcasses are out of my house.

Excuse me while I go scrub something.

5 thoughts on “Uninvited guests

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