Bugs bite

Me.  They love me.

We went to Mr. Aitch’s niece’s going-away-to-college party over the weekend.  We had a great time and wished the new college girl much success.

The party was outside and as the evening progressed, I could feel myself being eaten alive.  I have 33 bugs bites on my left foot and  leg and 19 on my right all mid-calf or below.  52 bites.

Did you know that a dollop of hand sanitizer directly on the bite works great to relieve the itching?

Connect the dots anyone?

4 thoughts on “Bugs bite

  1. I would not of been outside that long…….I hate bug bites. I would have to wear long pants. If you put on the bug spray you really stink…then have to take a shower as I can’t stand the stuff. There used to bo a spray for your yard….we used it alot when we camped or went tot he lake. Don’t know if they still make it.


  2. I shouild knock on wood as I haven’t had a mosquito bite this year. Of course, I know better than to do any yard work in the morning as it’s too hot or I’m too tired to do anything the rest of the day.


  3. Oh NO. I’m sorry about all those bites. Ugh. Thanks for the tip as well on the hand sanitizer. I can see how that could be soothing! Hope you don’t itch too much and that they heal up quickly!


  4. We have West Nile virus in the area and the county has been spraying like crazy. There have been several confirmed cases. We don’t worry too much. They spray so much on the golf course, and subsequently in our yard, that we haven’t seen a mosquito since we moved here. We do, however, notice that we’re starting to glow in the dark.


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