FO Friday

I have a couple of finished objects (FO) but no pictures to share.  They are still on my camera.

  1. Sewing Project #1:  My wonderful sister made a needle roll for me (see below) so I adapted her handiwork for a travel pouch for our phone charger, helmet chargers**, camera charger, and whatever other charger we need while traveling.  I will post pictures ASAP. 
  2. Sewing Project #2:  Using some leftover fabric, fusible fleece, and teflon fabric, I made a travel cover for my flat-iron/curling iron.  Fixing my hair is usually the last thing I do when getting ready to go someplace and I needed a way to pack the still warm appliance without burning myself or damaging anything around it.  I’ll most likely use this only when traveling but could be used all the time if you like to put yours away.  I will post pictures ASAP.
  3. Knitting Project:  I am this >< close to finishing the Fetching Mitts.  I will have enough yarn to bind off and make the thumb on the second mitt.  If you recall, I did not have enough yarn the first time around so I frogged (ripped) them out and reknit them.  I will be very happy to wear these…unless I decide to gift them.  Shown below are the original pair.  I will post pictures ASAP.


I do have a few more things I’ve been working on but they are secrets for now.

Sorry for the recycled pictures.  Posts without something to look at are boring.

And the mitts pictures above really are from the same ball of yarn and are the same color.  Must be the lightning as the one on the left doesn’t look as bright as the one on the right.  Hmm.

** Our motorcycle helmets are equipped with Bluetooth (coolest thing ever) so Mr. Aitch and I can talk to each other when riding separately or together.  We don’t talk a lot but it’s really important for him to be able to hear me when I’m on the back of the Harley and play the role as navigator.  I can share a little bit about our process next week…if you’re interested.

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