Sorry for being silent for the past several days.  Nothing exciting to report, just life.  Regular life stuff.

Thank you all for commenting about stabilizing the front button band.  I will try option 1 and sew grosgrain ribbon behind the buttons hoping that will solve the uncomfortable feeling like it’s gaping open.  As usual, I don’t have the right ribbon in my sewing room so I’ll have to buy some either today or tomorrow.

This striped ribbon would be nice but I won’t find anything like this where I live.  I’ve already looked.

We’ve been invited to a retirement dinner Friday evening for six, count ’em SIX, of Mr. Aitch’s former co-workers that are retiring this year.  That’s a lot of teachers for a small school.  I have to hem a new pair of Mr. Aitch’s pants before then and I want to wear my Peony Twist Cardi so sewing the ribbon on is vital if I wear the sweater.  I may have to come up with Plan B if I don’t get the ribbon sewn on.  Mr. Aitch’s pants come first…this time.  He doesn’t have a Plan B.

1 thought on “Grosgrain

  1. Even if you don’t find any ribbon, your sweater will be a hit anyway. Probably everyone will be looking at the retirees to see what they wear and how they act. Definitely pants come first.


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