I have a brain…

…and sometimes I use it.

Not able to go to work yesterday and today, I managed to knit between coughing spells and medication. I also had to use my brain when I discovered a mistake.  A mistake 22 rows ago.  I decreased and shouldn’t have.

I was distracted Sunday evening and did a SSK (slip, slip, knit) ten rows too early.  A decision had to be made as whether it could be fixed without too much trouble, ripped it back to the offending row and reknit, or continue as if nothing happened.

Since I knew the decrease was there, I could not ignore it. 

Ripping  back 22 rows was not happening.

I dug out my Knit Fix Problem Solving for Knitters by Lisa Kartus and decided I would treat this mistake as if it were a dropped stitch.  But it wasn’t quite as simple as a dropped stitch.  I had to go through a SSK decrease on my way back through those 22 rows.

Knit Fix to the rescue

All totaled I had to go back 22 rows, three stitches wide and do the correct decrease in the correct row and column.

I’m up to the arm shaping and decided to knit each side separately from here on up.  Plus I need to add buttonholes in the right places and I really don’t know what the right place is until the left side is finished.  If I was feeling 100%, I could probably figure it out.

5 thoughts on “I have a brain…

  1. I’m with you. I would have ripped the 22 rows since I knew there was a mistake, and it would have bothered me immensely.
    I’ve knitted both sides and guessed where the buttonholes go. I’ve had good luck on that (I pray a lot).


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