…or pneumonia.  Pick the spelling that works for you.

I thought by Friday afternoon I had kicked this nastiness to the curb only to have it come back during the night with a vengeance.  I don’t know how Mr. Aitch slept so soundly with my tossing, turning and coughing all night.

When he woke up (and I was semi-conscious) Saturday morning, I asked him to call the urgent care clinic to get me an appointment ASAP.


I was so sick yesterday that I could not open my eyes.  Too sick to knit though I can do that with my eyes closed but not follow a pattern and count rows with decreases.

I feel a bit better today.  I can open my eyes and count.  Finished the back of the sweater I’m working on and just started the fronts. My aunt told me many years ago to try to knit the fronts or at least the sleeves at the same time so the row count and tension would be the same.  Smart woman.

Papaya Cardi

The color is not quite this bright.

I had to get out my Knitter’s Companion to figure out how to do the sloped bind-off to avoid the stair-step edge.  Just like the kitchener stitch, I have to look it up every time.

Mr. Aitch has dinner in the oven and the roast beef is starting to smell really good.

Writing this post has worn me out.  Time to rest.

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