Tomorrow is another day

I’m really looking forward to cleaning tomorrow.  Yes, looking forward to cleaning.  I managed to clean out one kitchen cabinet (or is it a cupboard?) last Monday even though I had visitors.  I arranged my spices (in alphabetical order by bottle size) and threw out all the old ones.

My best friend and I talked last night and she mentioned her step-daughter-in-law(?) and her obsession with organizing her spices.  I don’t know how other people do their spices but if they aren’t in some type of order, how can you find what you need without going through the entire cabinet?  Unless you only use salt and pepper, how do find things?

I am certainly not OCD…just look at the rest of my house.

Tomorrow I will tackle the cabinet above the microwave/range hood and possibly the one where I keep my dishes.  Maybe even a drawer or three.

Our community yard sale is tomorrow.  I’m not participating but may have my own yard sale later in the summer.  I need less clutter, less things, less emotional attachment to stuff.

Wish me luck!

Your thoughts? I read them all.

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