Do you or don’t you?

black-fridayDo you take part in Black Friday shopping?

Do you do this voluntarily?

Or do you stay home and enjoy the day?

I don’t recall voluntarily shopping on Black Friday.  When I worked at a department store, I had to be there at 7:00 a.m. for the onslaught of shoppers.  Of course no one then would believe people would actually get up that early and go shopping. But they came in droves.  Now Black Friday begins at 12:01 a.m. the day after Thanksgiving and from what I’ve heard shopping takes a military strategist to plan the attack.

No thank you.  There is nothing I want that badly to risk life and limb.

So do you don your armor and shop-till-you-drop?

Where the girls are…

Warning – This is not a post about children.

“The girls” in this case are a part of a woman’s physique.  If you don’t understand, you should by the end of this post.

A couple of Saturdays ago I met a friend for lunch and a few hours of shopping.  She needed a cast iron skillet and I needed a dress for an upcoming wedding.  Interesting combination.

Since the cast iron skillet would be heavy to carry around, we opted to look for a dress first.

While I was perusing the store for a suitable dress, my friend was also browsing and found a few tops to try on.

I think I tried on 8-10 dresses and found two that I really liked.  My friend tried on several tops and found a couple that she liked.  Then she saw a dress that another customer was trying on.  She asked the sales lady to see if there was one in her size.  It didn’t fit as she is very well-endowed (with the help of silicone).  She needed a larger size.  The other customer didn’t want the dress and it was the size my friend needed so my friend tried it on.  All the while she was in the dressing room, she kept talking about “the girls” wondering if they would fit in the dress.  The sales lady seemed a bit confused and asked me if my friend’s daughters were shopping with her and would they need to approve of this dress as she kept hearing about “the girls”.

I whispered to her that it was just the two of us shopping today, pointed to my chest and told her what “the girls” were.  Her eyes got really big and she said, “My goodness, I’ve never heard of that expression before.  I just learned something new today.”