Deer me

I was at my hairdresser the other night when her son and daughter left to meet friends for dinner.  My hairdresser’s shop is in her house.  And her house is in the country.  Way out in the country.

Trey and Mandy (not their real names) were gone for less than three minutes when they pulled back into the driveway.  Trey’s car looked like this.


A deer ran into them.   A buck to be more precise.  Deer have a tendency to run into moving cars.  Evidently they must think they can out run and/or jump over the car.

Fortunately neither Trey nor Mandy were hurt.  Can’t say for sure what happened to the buck but I don’t think he made it from the looks of the damage to the windshield.

My Friday

Some bloggers have a theme for each day of the week.  Not me.  I blog/post whenever I can or feel like it.  Right now, I’ve had two glasses of wine and the foresight to photograph two things that have significance to my life/day.

This is what I encountered this morning.  This photo was snapped with my phone about 100 feet from my house.  I think they were nibbling on the corn stalks wrapped around the street sign.


You can only see three deer but there were more.  By the time I stopped the car and got my phone out, the deer got spooked and started to move away from my car.

If you want to know what those lighted numbers mean on my dashboard: It’s 62 degrees Fahrenheit. I have 400 miles-till-empty in my gas tank.  (Just got it filled up yesterday.)  It’s 7:37 am.  The airbag is disengaged in the passenger seat as no one is sitting there.

This second photo is taken at the dinner table after my second glass of wine.


Don’t judge.

Yes, that’s my empty wine glass and twelve, count ’em, TWELVE wrappers from Hershey’s Milk Chocolate with Almonds and Toffee Nuggets.  In the background is the Mark Levin book, The Liberty Amendments.

I ate them all.

Mr. Aitch had none.

I just hope they don’t rebel.

Autumn treat

In our housing development we share the land with wild turkeys, rabbits, squirrels, various other small animals, deer, and perhaps a bear.

The “beautification” committee uses seasonal plants and other decorative items around the street signs and mail boxes,  A typical autumn sight is corn stalks wrapped in colorful ribbon.


Evidently the corn stalks are a tasty treat for the deer that wander through here in the evening and early morning.  Mr. Aitch saw one nibbling on this group of stalks on his way home from band practice last night.