Saved a bundle

We noticed some frozen veggies in the crisper drawer in our freezer-on-the-bottom refrigerator.  They are not suppose to freeze.  Frozen romaine lettuce is pretty disgusting.

After several Internet searches, I found a fix to problem.  A frozen defrost line in the back of the refrigerator.  So you ask: If the freezer is on the bottom, how come the defrost is up there?  The ice maker and water dispenser are in the upper part so we can get water and ice through the door.  The water from the defrost cycle from the ice maker couldn’t get down to the evaporator pan as it was clogged with ice so it ran into the bottom of the refrigerator, pooled under the crisper drawers and froze.  The veggies in the crisper were sitting right on top of ice and froze, too.

I watched a couple of YouTube videos on how to repair the frozen line and keep it from happening again.  Only time will tell if the fix worked.

Figured I saved a hundred dollars.  Or two.  That’s a bundle to me.


Do you have an unusual luggage tag?

Or do you tie a brightly colored cloth or ribbon on your handle to help find your luggage easily?

I made a bright removable cover for one of my suitcases a few years ago and I’ve always been able to identify it immediately when traveling.

My carry-on luggage needed a special ID tag and I just happened to get a very personalized one.

I found the “medical device” clip art on-line for one side.


Then I made my own QR code with my contact info on the other side.  So my identity is kind of protected.  One just needs a QR reader app to actually read it.  (Of course a real QR Code doesn’t have a big blank circle in the middle of it…)


Try this one: