The first thing I did

I retired.  Again.  From the same job I had before.  They wanted/needed me back for a few months so I went back to work a couple of days a week to basically help train a new person.  That’s not exactly what I was hired to do but that’s how it ended up.  So April 28 was my last day as a working-out-of-the-house woman.

The first thing I did when I retired was go visit my grand kids in Colorado.  Mr. Aitch had other obligations so I went solo.


I went to the twins’ school and cheered the girls and their classmates during the Fox Trot fund-raiser.  Their school mascot was there.



And the students ran laps around the soccer field to raise money for the school.  I offered one dollar per lap for each granddaughter, thinking I’d only be out $20-30 total.  Not so.  It cost me $60 in all!  They ran and ran and ran and ran.



We planted hanging flowers for the back porch and weeded the raised beds.  Sorry, no pics of those.

I helped my daughter build this.


Actually she did most of the building after I left.  I did help with the base and one side.

My trip happened to be over Mother’s Day and my daughter, s-i-l and the grand kids treated me fabulously!


My SIL made this for Sunday brunch.  Yep, he’s a keeper!


Can’t wait to go back.

3 thoughts on “The first thing I did

  1. I love all your pics of those kids. I feel like I’ve watched them grow. So…..why don’t you get on that bike and come see me. We’re not that far away. No excuses now kiddo. You’re a free woman! Or meet me in Asheville for the day.


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