6 thoughts on “Ready to go

    • Been there, done that. I start to think about making my cards in September but decide that’s too far ahead and then they don’t get finished in time. I bought mine this year.

      Of course the Twelve Days of Christmas really begin on December 25 and go through January 6 so we can blame the commercialization of Christmas on having to get everything done by the 25th. My cousin always sends her cards out after the 25th.

      And send me a picture of your finished cards. I always appreciate the handiwork of others.

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      • I hope to get them out before the 35th, but they won’t all get delivered by then, so the grace period is appreciated. 🙂 My sister sends New Year’s cards – a nice change from the usual. I will likely post about the cards after they get dropped in the mail, so you will see the finished product for sure!


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