Inherited paint

I helped our daughter clear out part of her basement last week. They inherited many partially used paint cans when they moved into a new-to-them house.

Over 25 partially used paint cans.


The previous owners had different tastes when it came to paint colors than she did.  They also didn’t know how much paint to buy and had a lot left over.  One can had never been opened.


But what to do with their old choices?


That were at least ten years old?


100 pounds of kitty litter helps.


Look at that rusty can.


She has a lot more room to store the things she needs to with all these paint cans gone.

Paint-cans-7wmWhat do you do with your old paint?


1 thought on “Inherited paint

  1. I never thought of kitty litter…. Great idea! I usually don’t have much left over. In the warmer weather I pour it over newspaper and let it dry out. I just have a few small cans now.


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